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If you are dealing with NMC IT SOL, you are bound to follow all terms and conditions. Moreover, the clients have no
rights to take any legal action.

  • We only treat customers through provided e-mail, call, mail or fax. Other than these official contacts sources, we are not responsible for any mishappening or data security.
  • We hold the rights of projects until all remaining dues are not paid. In the case of installment, the clients have to clear all dues before we hand over the ownership to their personal identity.
  • During the installment plan, the clients have to keep the web hosting over NMC IT SOL servers. After the clearance of pending dues, they can migrate it to any servers.
  • For additional maintenance, the clients have to pay the cost. During the installment plan, they can enjoy 50% off to the maintenance services.
  • Our company holds the responsibility for data security and will never leak out a single bit of information to any third party. Special cases will be handled after notifying the customers and through their consent.
  • Before we start working on projects, the clients have to sign out the legal documents listed with the essential details, otherwise no customer will be treated.
  • We hold the rights to cancel any project at any time. No client can take any legal action against it.
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